The beginners always have this question, how to invest in the share market? In this article, we will see the options as well as the process to invest in share market. Hence, read these articles so that you can get some idea of share market

Mainly there 4 ways to invest in the share market, where you can expect returns on your investment. However, there is a risk involved. Hence, do the research and get complete information before making an investment.


Share means a share in the profit of the company. It allows individual or institutions to get ownership in a company.

What is a Share in the Share Market?


The profit of investing in shares is the difference between the purchase price and the selling price. There are fundamental and technical reasons behind the fluctuation in the prices of shares.

Mutual Fund

Alternatively, you can also invest in the share market through a mutual fund.

What is a Mutual Fund?


We have covered sufficient information about the mutual fund in the article mentioned above. Each mutual fund has a different approach and goal. Therefore, you can decide your goal and invest in the mutual fund that is related to your goal.


This is money given on loan to the company or institution with a promise to receive certain interest along with the principal amount. As a result, you are not the owner of the company because you are not bearing any loss of the company. The company or institution is required to repay the bond amount and interest on it irrespective of the profit made.

How To Invest In the Share Market Index Funds?

Do you want to invest in the top 50 companies in India but don’t have sufficient capital? Here is an index fund for you where you can invest in all top 50 companies indirectly. You must have heard the term NIFTY, it’s the abbreviation of national index fifty. There are many other types of index funds where you can indirectly take the benefit of a group of companies such as investing in an index fund of top banking companies etc.

How To Invest In the Share Market through Other Ways

Above all, there are some other investment options too such as options, commodities, forex etc. However, it requires further explanation in deep. So we will go through it in the next articles and explore it one by one.

The Intelligent Investor


How To Invest In Share Market?

To invest in the share market, you must have the Demat account (in some cases you don’t need it but there are many benefits of having a Demat account while investing).

Click here to Open a Zerodha Account and start investing

A good broker will give you an online account opening facility where you can simply fill in an account opening form online and send the document after it is signed.

Do the research

Make sure you are not blinding trading or investing in the market. One should always do research about the shares or other investment options. No one can tell what’s going to happen next in the share market but with the help of some methods you can make the educated guess and that would be more scientific.

Invest through the broker’s platform

As you are ready with the research, now you can start investing. You just have to place the order through broker’s website or mobile application. You will be able to do research as well as track the investment through the broker’s website.

Open a Demat Account

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